Kayleen Kelly, Owner

I was always encouraged to find something I love and turn it into my life’s purpose. And here I am now. Although many of my space design projects are completed in a day, this pursuit was years in the making. I was called upon, time after time, by friends and family to help with their organization projects and I loved the mutual excitement of the big reveal. I saw peace, calmness and happiness emerge from faces that were previously stressed, embarrassed and overwhelmed. This, I knew, was what I was meant to do.

In 2014, driven by a positive attitude and passion to help others, I began building what is now the leading Professional Home Organizing & Redesign Business in the Greater Jacksonville Area. What you may view as a headache or a mountain too steep to climb alone, I view as a creative challenge from which I harness energy to bring you the clarity and functionality you deserve. 


I look forward to helping you achieve your organizational goals and scaling these slopes together!

Clear the Clutter; Clear Your Mind!


Meet the Team!

Susie Dondero, Project Assistant

Susie joined the team in November of 2018 as Project Assistant. Right when we met my mind was put at ease and my heart soared! She's the one! Her presence is calming, comfortable, and her passion to help others is hard to miss!

Susie brings a lot to the table. She owned a local Professional Organizing business in the early 2000's. Through her hands-on experience she helped families, business owners, and retirees get organized and simplify their lives. She also taught adult education classes, parenting groups, PTA organizations and women's groups. Not only does Susie have all of this under her belt; her work and pro tips have been featured on several

First Coast News segments and local newspapers.

Is she perfect for this or what?!

I'm so excited for you to meet her!