Clear the Clutter; Clear Your Mind!


Common Questions

Q: What happens during the FREE 30 Minute In-Home Consultation?

A: The free consultation is a great opportunity for us to meet and for me to assess your specific needs and better understand your goals. I will take a brief tour of your home or areas of concern, followed by a simple sit-down questionnaire and explanation of my services. I will then provide you with a custom estimate and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Q: Do I need to clean before you arrive?

A: There is no need to clean or tidy up before I arrive (no shame or judgment in my game!). I'm there to help you achieve your goals and it is important for me to see your space in its "natural state" so I can better understand the challenges you are encountering. 

Q: How long does organizing take?

A: I will be able to provide you with an estimated time-frame after reviewing your space. Each project and client has custom needs, therefore a "one size fits all" standard does not apply. My goal is to accomplish the project as efficiently and quickly as possible while also ensuring your comfort with the process. I am, however, known for my *One Day Transformations!* -- you'll be surprised how quickly we can achieve the desired result.

Q: How do I schedule my project? 

A: I am open 7 days a week 7am-7pm and will work around your schedule. Our standard session options are 3 or 5 hours (2 hour daily minimum). However, your needs come first so we will discuss your scheduling preference. You can call or text 904-806-0128 or email to schedule. 

Q: What should I expect on the project day?

A: I have developed a unique 3 Step Organizing Process designed to alleviate your stress, increase your focus, and positively motivate you. I'm completely hands-on and take the lead, you won't even break a sweat! So relax or get really excited, and expect to enjoy the process and get the job done easier and quicker than you thought possible!

Q: What bins and/or containers do I need to buy before my project?

A: Getting organized isn't about the right bins or containers; it's about making decisions on your belongings. 99% of the time you do not need to purchase any organizing materials to complete a project -- typically, the client already has all they need in their home. If it's determined during the process that your project requires materials I will provide you with product recommendations at that point. I do recommend that you have plastic bags readily available for trash removal and donations.